Viewing the Curriculum


Click on the Curriculum Button in the Toolbar


Understanding the Curriculum Screen


4MAT encourages teachers and trainers to consider the foundations of any instruction before designing the instructional delivery. If a unit of instruction has a strong overarching concept, and related essential question, this will make it possible to create truly meaningful connections to learners at the outset of the instruction. Similarly, if instructional design "begins with the end in mind" and focuses on learner outcomes, the overall impact on learners will be improved as well as their retention. The Bridge is the "image that connects" and forms a conduit from the overarching concept and the content. This can often be used as the basis for the 4MAT "Image" step.

The “Six Trick”


The Six Trick is a method for evaluating the effectiveness of your concept-bridge-content construction. The formula is, "in the concept of the contant, there is/you will find, the bridge. To view the Six formula for a unit, click on the blue 6 at the top right of the curricuum screen.

A Sample Six Trick Formula



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